Welcome to Heart Dog! Here we strive to help dogs and their families live in harmony using only the most up to date, scientifically based training methods. Through the use of positive reinforcement, we give puppies the best start in life, fix common behavior problems, and grow the bond between dogs and their people.





Miranda has joined Krafty K9 Dog Sports to offer Sunday Morning & Saturday Evening group classes in their beautiful facility. Check out their website for registration and information.



Test your dog's obedience or trick stills by applying for titles sponsored by the American Kennel Club. This is also a great pre-requisite for therapy dog work.



Schedules can be tough but dogs still need to be trained. Online classes and virtual consultations allow for the most flexibility without missing the opportunity for quality instruction. Check back soon for registration.



In- home training allows for one-on-one training from the comfort of your own home. You set your own schedule and choose exactly what you need to be working on. 

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The Trainer


Hello! I'm Miranda.    

15 years ago I was introduced to the world of dog training by my first dog, Lady. Lady was full of energy and a bit mischievous given the chance. As an outlet for her destructive energy I reached out to my local dog training club and joined an agility class. I was immediately hooked! Initially I thought agility was about running as fast as you could, but I quickly learned that, without solid dog training techniques, you could not be successful. So the studying began! I read anything I could get my hands on, took classes and seminars, and began putting what I learned to use for my own dogs and the dogs of friends and family. 

In 2015, I was hired as a trainer at a boarding facility in College Station where I was attending school. It was here that I was first able to train dogs of a variety of breeds, sizes, behavioral backgrounds, and drives. Though I loved the training it came time to return home. In 2017, I started Heart Dog. My mission was to provide affordable but quality dog training for the busy owner. As training has taken off, the mission remains the same, but I am now able to serve new areas such as Spring and The Woodlands.

Currently, I live in Spring TX  with my husband, Andrew, and our Shetland Sheepdog ,Relic. 

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

BS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University

15 Years of Training Experience

Experience with many purebred and mix breed dogs




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