Waiver & Agreement to Hold HArmless

I, the undersigned client, have enrolled myself and my dog in private lessons, group classes,  seminars, and/or any activity affiliated with Heart Dog Training & Behavior. I agree, on behalf of myself  and any participants I invite or allow to attend, that Heart Dog Training & Behavior, its trainer Miranda  Bozzo, and training assistants will not be held liable for any injury or death to myself or my dog, participating party, or property damage due to training, classes or advice provided by the  trainer. I will not hold any property owners involved in any lessons, classes or seminars  responsible for any incidents that occur on their property. 

I acknowledge that working with animals in any environment is not without risk to the client,  the trainer, the dog, and any third party persons involved. Animals cannot be guaranteed to  react or respond in any certain way and these actions can lead to scratches, bruises, bites, cuts,  falls, and more. Though extreme care is taken, any situation that involves more than one dog,  even dogs of the same household, there is a risk of bites, scratches, scrapes, infectious disease and even death. Young puppies, even vaccinated, may still be at risk for various diseases. Any  family or friends, including children, involved in the training are at the same risk as the client. I  understand these risks and agree not to hold Heart Dog Training & Behavior, its trainer Miranda Bozzo,  and training assistants liable for any injury, damage, or death. 

If my dog causes damage to another person’s property or injury to another person or their dog,  I agree to take full responsibility and liability for any injury, death, damage. I agree to pay for all  resulting losses and hold harmless Heart Dog Training & Behavior, its trainer Miranda Bozzo, and  training assistants. 

In signing below, I fully understand and accept the agreement laid out above.